Thursday, 28 November 2013

#14. Work smarter with all new MS Office 2013 - Pro's N Con's

Thursday, November 28, 2013

This year, release of Office 2013 (formerly named Office 15) marked one of the biggest innovations in history of Microsoft Corporations. Office 2013 is a successor of Office 2010, and is more of a cloud-based web app along with so many excellent features stuffed inside it.

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It makes working so much easier, better and smarter. Let's have a look on what this product has to offer to it's users: 


1. Office 2013 comes with integrated touch support. Now, user can work best with touch, pen or keyboard.

2. Best UI integrated with new start screen, flatter ribbon interface making it an unbeatable product in the market.

3. Integrated with Skydrive which provides free cloud storage upto 7GB.

4. New features like Share, Reply, Embed makes working and sharing easy on the go.

5. Sync your MS-Office settings using Microsoft Account Login. Also provides integrated support to Skype and

6. New slide designs, animations, online image browsing via bing and much more included in this version of Office.  

7. Improved format support for Open Office XML(OOXML), Open Document Format(OPF) and Portable Document Format(PDF).


1. Getting a fresh copy of Office 2013 is very costly(nearly Rs.27k). Thus, it is not in reach of every Windows OS user. 

2. Minimum requirements of Office 2013 are way out of reach for P4 users. Thus, one needs an updated hardware configuration to use this product.

3. Requires a constant working Internet Connnection to access sync and cloud storage everytime.

4. New UI makes it a little tough for previous office users to access features in this version of Office. 

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