Saturday, 19 October 2013

#13. Buying a Custom Domain Name for Blog - Pro's N Con's

Saturday, October 19, 2013

On each day nearly thousands of posts are created worldwide on Blogger, WordPress, and other platforms. Out of them, a few hundred make it to the top search results.

So, what is the priority shown here from search-engine bots??? Apart, from the good content and post's title, there is an important factor here i.e 'custom domain'. Custom domains are top level domains registered by an individual to use with web-hosts. It is the identification or referring URL address of a web-site. 

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Although, it is a righteous choice to have a custom domain, does it guarantee your success in blogosphere??? Let's find out pro's and con's of buying a custom domain name:


1.  No need to use or sub-domains in the url of your blog. 

2. Custom Domains are more preferred by search bots and crawlers of search engines. 

3. User gets to use a self-domain mail such as etc.

4. Registering a domain name increases the chances of getting approved by Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Networks.

5. Buying a custom domain name means giving an identification mark to your material. Thus, if you want to excel in blogging, I suggest you to get it right now.

6. A top-level domain will get you better MOZ and Alexa rank. 

7. Using custom domain on your blog marks your professionalism in blogosphere.


1. Domain Registration is costly. Thus, you need to be perfectly sure before doing this.

2. Using a custom domain does not guarantee that your blog will become a hit. Other factors like well-written content, nice SEO tips will also be responsible for the performance of your blog.

3. Sometimes, top level domains fails to get good rankings on Google, Alexa and MOZ.

4. If you have a well-established blog, redirecting it to your new custom domain will kill all it's traffic and rankings.

5. Custom Domain does not claims that your blog will get definitely approved for YPN or Adsense. So, it is a waste of money for those who after very hard attempts could not get their approval. 

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Saurabh Verma is an IT student currently pursuing his Degree. He has been a dedicated blogger since 2011. Other than Blogging, he is passionate towards Sports and Programming.


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