Sunday, 29 September 2013

#11. Buying An Android Smartphone Under 10k : Pro's N Con's

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Since the launch of Google Android OS, there has been a war between popular mobile manufacturers to maximize their customers in the market, providing them the latest smartphones with high-end features, apps and updated Android OS.

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The real revolution in market took place when Samsung launched it's cheaper Android smartphone named Galaxy Y under 10k. After this, it became a tradition to provide cheaper smartphones with better features. But, can these cheap smartphones deliver what the higher end smartphones can??? Let's see the pro's n con's of buying an android smartphone under 10k:


1. First of all, you get a smartphone with many features and capabilities, under just 10k.

2. As the market is increasing for smartphones, manufacturers are providing more features in cheap prices. 

3. Manufacturers like Xolo, Karbonn, ZTE have emerged dominant under the range of 15k. Their smartphones have performed and excelled over the mid-budget phones of Samsung, Nokia, HTC etc.

4. It is a very wise choice for those people who can't afford Apple i-Phone or expensive smartphones of other mobile manufacturers.

5. These low-budget smartphones are the primary and only choice compared to simple flap or bar phones.

6. Performance and operation of these phones are exactly similar with the high-budget smartphone range. For simple use such as calling, music & apps, these are a better choice for a middleman.


1. Their price is low according to the quality of processor chip and hardware support by them. 

2. Generally, smartphones under 10k has MTK processor chips which provide less performance and power than Qualcomm or Arm processor chips.

3. Technically, they are just a replica of expensive smartphones with less features like small display, lower RAM & internal storage. 

4. These low-budget smartphones have limited features and functions. Thus, there remains a void in the complete experience of Google Android OS.

5. In this race of cheap smartphones, the quantity has increased than the quality. 

6. Due to hardware limitations,these phones can't support many apps and features which expensive smartphones can.

In short, it's common sense that what expensive can provide, cheap can't necessarily provide. So, if it doesn't matter that your phone is small, can't support HD videos and lacks in features, then buying a smartphone under 10k is a wise choice for you. 

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