Saturday, 6 July 2013

#6. Firefox OS vs Android OS - Pro's N Con's

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Hey Guys, good news for everyone. Mozilla's Firefox OS is out with a blast as the company launched it's first Firefox OS based smartphone on July 2,2013 in Europe. A new competitor to Google's Android OS, Apple's iOS and Blackberry OS, Firefox OS is likely to change the future of smartphones. How so, see for yourself below.

firefox os

First of all, let's have an introduction to Firefox OS. Referred to as Boot 2 Gecko or B2G (codename), Firefox OS is an open source mobile operating system from Mozilla, based on Linux and powered by Mozilla's Gecko technology. 

Thus, skipping the geek part, simply it's a Web App transformed in  User Interface for your smartphone. Cool, isn't it!! So, how it is ahead of Andoid OS, or where it lacks by?? Comparing these two popular Operating Systems for smartphones, here is my conclusion:


1. Firefox OS is simple to create and work on. Unlike Android, coding of Firefox requires HTML5 and Javascript only.

2. It is a new beggining for Developers. Those who are always ready to do invention with their smartphones, this is the right moment.

3. Unlike Android OS, it gives the users full access to device's features including the hardware parts and program files itself.

4. Firefox OS works on a Linux based kernel and Mozilla's Gecko technology based engine.It is an open-source OS thus giving rise to new platform for Smartphones.

5. Unlike Android OS, where huge app size waste your time for less, every app written in Firefox OS is a web page that enhances the hardware and services of your smartphone. Best part of it, these web apps can be first used as demo and added later. 

6. The main objective of Mozilla to develop it's OS was web made simple for smartphones. It's flexible and  powerful enough to deliver the very best of smartphone.

7. It will prove to be a money maker for developers as they can monetise their apps or build their own marketplace for the new platform.

8. Internal Memory won't bother you in Firefox OS, as apps does not need downloading.

9. For every activity needs to be done, Firefox OS provides Dynamic App Search which search all the apps focusing your activity. Thus, it saves your time and money in surfing websites for the same.

10. Unlike Android OS, it unleashes the power of open web on your smartphone. It enables end user to perform his/her task in web app online as well as offline through web cache.


1. Firefox OS is in developing stage right now. Many apps, features are yet to be developed, whereas Android is completely developed today and running in millions of devices worldwide.

2. Firefox OS is not like iOS or Android OS. It is just a platform to develop web apps for smartphones to perform a task. Android OS, on other hand is like a complete package of services, features and apps built around a hardware.  

3.Unlike Android OS, it targets web app developers only. 

4. Not everyone can access all of the features of Firefox OS, as it requires knowledge to Linux-based commands. 

5. What if the people are not impressed by HTML5 web apps. It will be a challenge to break the monopoly created by Android OS.

6. It is limited to work with HTML5 and Javascript apps only. Android, has no such limitations at all.

7. Porting Firefox OS to lower end smartphones is yet to be dealt with.

8. It's not obsessed with performing power or screen type of smartphones, but with the people who just needs to communicate around the world.

9. Web is the backbone of this OS. Without connectivity, it is like any ordinary cell phone with limited use.

10. Firefox OS does not bring any significant feature which is new for Android Users.

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Saurabh Verma is an IT student currently pursuing his Degree. He has been a dedicated blogger since 2011. Other than Blogging, he is passionate towards Sports and Programming.


  1. Some points you laid out above are not true. Reply to them are below:-

    Pros #5
    - All apps for Firefox OS are not web pages. Apps that run from a web page are called 'Hosted apps' in Firefox OS. There are Packaged apps also, which are more like native apps on FxOS. Such packaged apps don't need net connection to work.

    Pros #8
    - There are downloadable apps too.

    Pros #10
    - Offline apps can be made without using just web/app cache.

    Cons #2
    - Same thing said about Android here can be said about Firefox OS too.

    Cons #3
    - If we say FxOS is targeted at web app developers, then we must say Android was targeted to Java developers.

    Cons #4
    - Not true. A Firefox OS user don't need any Linux commands or skills more than what an Android use needs. (Android is based on Linux kernel and FxOS kernel is based on the Linux kernel in Android)

    Cons #6
    - If FxOS is tied down to HTML5/JS apps, then Android is tied down to Java and iOS is tied down to Objective C (Yes, I'm aware of webview apps in Android & iOS)

    Cons #7
    - FxOS is starting out with low end devices actually.

    1. Thanks, JSX for laying out your ideas, I appreciate it. But, see my views are not entirely wrong and I have valid theory of what I have written above. I agree that Android is based on Linux Kernel n all, but what I wrote about are the general concepts of comparison without any false accusations. I m not the tech expert here but I have made my points clear to everyone. So, yeah my article can be a bit wrong, but my knowledge to FxOS or Android OS isn't.

  2. Everything has it pros and cons, at yet Firefox OS sounds easy to work around but still it doesn't provide a complete service as Android OS provides. But still I think that Firefox OS will be good to follow up and with the years it will cover it cons too.

    1. Thanxx, Palmer Soto for commenting your conclusion of my article. I agree with u that everything has it's pros n cons and that's what this site is all about.

    2. i am a user of firefox for the pc, but onestly are they planning to beat andoid with this? seriously ? this is like a google chrome Vs a laptop. come on firefox give me a break. why are u doing this. what about bandwith, you do know that must people do not have unlimited data on their phones right?

    3. @david, I couldn't agree more with your views.

  3. hey saurahbema zokmaikok

  4. Competition is the key to innovation. A linux based competitor was much needed in the market. Linux evolution has seen the concept of 'distributions' (Suse, Redhat, Debian to name a few) and the same is starting to happen in the mobile world. After all a mobile phone is no less than a computer ten years back. I would almost say this is natural. Darwin's theory of natural selection will apply, the most adaptive OS will ensure it's future distributions thrive and branch out into more specialized functions.

    1. @norootsquash, I appreciate your views regarding the revolution of OS.....

  5. Well we all have permission to make mistakes, thats what we call learning, hope firefox will listen to users nd make OS better

  6. thanks for good knowledge..............



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