Friday, 28 June 2013

#4. Shifting Towards Online Shopping - Pro's N Con's

Friday, June 28, 2013

I have been thinking that I should write my next article about this market where you would visit, purchase and get your favourite products delivered to you. All you have to do is pay smartly, and the best part is that you avoid the 'Hush n Rush' it takes to purchase that thing in the real place.

Have all of you got my view????

 It's about you, me and this whole generation shifting towards Online Shopping. It's a method to purchase a product, of any category where hundreds of choices are provided to you. All you have to do is sit at your desktop and order online. It's that simple. 

Online Shopping

Most of the people hooks up with an e-shop (an online sell/purchase website) daily.The beauty of it is, you get to view the product, compare for best specs and prices, and in a few clicks completing the payment, it's yours.

So, is this the future of marketisation???? Is there any other aspect you would know before you make up your mind to shift to Online Shopping?

Here's a list of Pro's N Con's regarding Online Shopping:


1. First of all, it's comforting to purchase at home, lying at your bed rather tiring yourself with the public outside.

2. Each online-shop website has got thousands of products you don't even know that they ever existed. 

3. It makes relationship of public with the manufacturing company trusting and reliable.

4. The prices of the products online are somewhat cheaper than in market. Good for us, won't you say so?

5. From a headset to bulky electronic goods, online shopping gives you hundreds of choices to choose from!!!

6. Worried about online payment? Cash On Delivery(known as COD) is there to solve this issue. You can order anything you want above a fixed price and you get to pay after delivery of the product. Isn't this good?

7. To make this new shopping trending, the websites provides free coupons to it's users offerring discounts and assured gifts on purchase. Who would not want that?

8. Once you get aquainted with this process, you can trust spending your money on good deals.

9. Online shopping is a direct trade between the seller and the buyer. Thus no third party can make money from you.

10. Customer Support is the feature that takes the gold medal. At the time of your purchase, an expert from the website will help you spend your money securely for the right deal. 


1. It's easier to negotiate to lower prices face-to-face with the seller. However, negotiation has no place in online shopping as the prices are fixed for selling.

2. Sometimes the products are not the same as they are advertised on websites.

3. Not every person has access to desktop or any other computing machine. Thus it's useless for him.

4. People have hard time believing in the quality of products available online. These people always prefer to buy at shop. 

5. As per policies of some selling websites, purchased products can't be replaced or disputed upon. So it can prove to be a waste of time and money for you. 

6. It's possible that the prices online of some products may be inappropriate and you can get better deal than this offline. 

7. It has no comparison with live buying where you actually can be  very specific with your product. You can make up your mind twice at the real place.

8. Not every individual has a bank account. So, payment options like Net Banking, Credit/Debit payment may prove as waste for him. Moreover, COD is not developed in some areas.

9. Sometimes you can't depend on online shopping when your need  is very urgent as the delivery time of the product may take upto a week, depending on your location.

10. The e-shops or websites are yet to become a trusting alternate when it comes to buy products of large banners.

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Saurabh Verma is an IT student currently pursuing his Degree. He has been a dedicated blogger since 2011. Other than Blogging, he is passionate towards Sports and Programming.


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