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Friday, 11 April 2014

#19. How To Repair Your Laptop's Battery Life???

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Do you know that you might accidently be reducing your Laptop's Battery Life day by day????

If the answer of the above question is
No then read the following info. According to Microsoft, if a Li-ion battery can not hold charge more than 40% it will display the following notification "Consider Replacing Your Battery. There is a Problem with your Battery" on Notification panel.

<img alt="Repair Consider Replacing Your Battery Error"/>

Now the reasons for this damage are:

1. Disturbed Calibration of  Battery due to any reason.
2. Your Battery is seriously unhealthy and needs to be replaced immediately.

Well there is one big Reason you never could have noticed. That is overcharging of battery and improper utilisation of the same. 

Surprised!!!! Yes, this is true each time you charge your Li-ion battery to the full, it holds a charge afterwards. If this charge holding capacity reduces below 40%  you will be getting notifications from Windows.....

What to Do Now????

Well, there is not a guarantee that every Li-ion battery can be revived by this method but there are chances. All you get to do is follow the simple steps below:

1. Open Command Prompt in your Laptop. Run cmd.exe as Administator.

2. Enter the following command


3. The command will execute. Now close cmd.exe and go to Power Options in Control Panel and look for change advanced settings in current activated scheme.

4. In this tab opened, click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.
5.Scroll down to Battery option and click on it. Now click on Critical Battery Action. 

It will now show that Critical Battery Action is set to "Do Nothing" both at Plugged In and On Battery. 
Now this is just the principle. The method for repairing the damage is to charge the battery upto 100% and let it discharge to 0% as well. It means you have to use your charged battery continuously until the Laptop switches off itself.

This will take time but you will see that after following the charging-discharging routine for frequent times, your battery life is Improved and finally the red cross from your battery will disappear. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

#18. Appy Geek- The #1 App for Tech News

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Some of us are just crazy about tech news. Either HTC launched a new smartphone or Samsung introduced a curved screen display, we want to know it all. For tech addicts like us, Appy Geek powered by Mobiles Republic has been providing the same. 

Why Appy Geek is #1 Tech News app???

Rated #1 Tech-App of year 2013, Appy Geek provides all current affairs from leading Tech-Mag's to your smartphone directly. Best of all, it is a free app available to Android OS, Windows OS and iOS. 

<img alt="Appy Geek"/>

Some fascinating features of this app are:

<img alt="New stream of Appy Geek"/>

1. Personalize your favourite topics from a stream so that you receive news that matters to you.

<img alt="Tagnav Explorer of Appy Geek"/>

2. Now users can browse tech news via the new Tagnav explorer.

<img alt="read and share buttons"/>

3. Read any article, and share it via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

<img alt="express moods in appy geek"/>

4. New React buttons to express moods on any article. Also helps you find most expressed article for the day.

<img alt="News profile, Appy Geek"/>

5. A smart app that learns what you read and display content accordingly. 

6.Lets you access photos and videos directly from sources with no redirects to RSS feeds.

Overall, Appy Geek is a must have, smart and complete app with brilliant interface on both smartphones as well as tablets, for any Tech addict. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

#17. Would Nokia Rewrite Success By Going Android??? - Pro's N Con's

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It's been a very long wait, but yeah, Nokia finally did it by going Android. Since the launch of Nokia X series android based smartphones in India, the sales figures have been good so far for Nokia.

<img alt="Nokia X with Android Support"/>

While everyone is so obsessed with these new Nokia X series smartphones, let's see the big picture: Would Nokia be able to rewrite success by going Android as it did with Lumia ???

Frankly speaking, with Nokia X series, I don't think that Nokia will be able to pull off the Android - Smartphone market, but hey I' m not the only judge here. It's a fact that people are seriously committed to Nokia, which infact was the biggest reason of Nokia Lumia smartphones to recieve so much fame. After that big alliance with Microsoft last year, Nokia has made another huge transformation by going Android. 

Nokia X, the first ever Nokia phone to support Android has been launched and the reviews are mixed. For some it's a great smartphone in a reasonable price and the brand value of Nokia. For others, Fastlane Interface is a bit confusing and lacks the originality of Google's Android OS. 

Here's a quick review of what Nokia X has to offer:


1. Supports Android OS v4.1.2 (JB) over FastLane interface.
2. Dual SIM support along with 3G and Wi-Fi.
3. Dual-Core Snapdragon Qualcomm processor clocked at 1Ghz.
4. Decent 4.0 inch display and good battery life for a reasonable price.


1. Not so good specs at this current era of smartphones.
2. No support for the Google package such as GMail, GMaps, etc.
3. Much better android smartphones present in market than Nokia X for the same price. 

Friday, 14 March 2014

#16. Why Use Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for Blogging - Pro's N Con's

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO by definition, is the process of changing the visibility of a webpage on any Search Engine(SE). It generally decides the ranking of webpages on any defined Search Engine in according to Organic Traffic recieved by it.

<img alt="SEO tips and tricks for Blogging"/>

How SEO works: 

SEO is a technique that considers what people search on the Internet. These searched terms, also known as Keywords are mapped to the blogs & websites currently being indexed by the SE. Since there are thousands of webpages that offers the same content with different presentation, the main factor that contributes to ranking of webpage on SE is relevancy to specific keywords

<img alt="SEO keyword search result of Google"/>

Now let's discuss why using SEO for blogging is a good idea or not.... !!!!


1. SEO is a necessary step to take, if you want your content to be displayed in top search results. White-hat SEO tips ensures increase in organic traffic i.e non-paid traffic. SE's gives preferences in rankings to those webpages that generates a healthy organic traffic.

2. SEO is easy to implement. A webmaster just needs a mere knowledge of coding. If nothing makes sense, then there a lot of tutorials on SEO over the net to guide you in the right direction.

3. SEO makes a webpage accessible to millions of people with a little bit of effort. Indexing your webpages regularly on SE's is a good SEO trick to ensure your content reaches to audience all over the globe.

4. SEO is responsible for the growth of traffic, both paid and organic, on any webpage. Many SEO service providers are there which provides great SEO tools for your content at a reasonable cost.

5. It is free and can be used on any blogging platform.

6. SEO is a far better option than Pay-Per Click(PPC) campaigning. A good content written for User and not for SE's recieves far greater traffic with SEO than PPC.


1. Since SEO changes the visibility of webpages in search rankings, many webmasters tries to get top rankings in SE's by black-hat SEO tricks, rather than writing a great content for their audience.

2. Using SEO techniques for content requires following proper guidelines. Some webmasters may not follow them at all in a need to increase their traffic. This is considered illegal by SE's which may result in poor rankings or ban on the content.

3. Sometimes SEO may not be able to generate as much traffic as needed by the webmaster.

4. SEO does not guarantee immediate success. It requires great attention and knowledge of content.

5. It may invite spam links as traffic which is not good for your content.